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James Briggs Limited has been manufacturing Hycote automotive paint and vehicle care products for nearly thirty years. In that time, we have developed the market leading range of premium quality products that help you maintain your car. From simple chip repair paints to underbody repair products, Hycote produces superior quality products for you.


James Briggs Limited has manufactured Hycote branded paint, paint care and maintenance products since 1982.
Proud to be British, with its base in Greater Manchester, James Briggs Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of aerosol and touch-up paints in the UK and Europe.
The Hycote brand first developed very high temperature paints for use in motor racing and then quickly extended these to full paint and maintenance ranges. Hycote now offers a vast range of products for both consumer and professional use.
Working closely with the trade, independent retailers and consumers, we continuously strive to be the best. Our state of the art technical centre researches the latest coating technologies and houses the latest coating test equipment, including accelerated weathering and corrosion testing. This enables us to develop and launch innovative Hycote branded products that deliver professional results with superior coverage, extreme durability, and super-fast drying with no runs or drips.
James Briggs Limited and Hycote – Experts in Paint and Experts in Paint Care.

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