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Bring life back to old bric-a-brac, revamp or just tailor to your taste.
Hycote spray paint is perfect for any project, any size with a rainbow of colours to choose from.

Hycote Spray Paint is a premium spray paint that offers fast drying and exceptional durability, adhesion and smoothness. For use with wood, metal, ceramic and plastic. 

Vases of various colours, whether the vases are ceramic or plastic hycote Spray colour will transform them.
Old frames? Why not create a unique piece which is sure to attract admiring looks!

Best of all, you can simply apply more coats at any time to achieve the perfect finish with ease and convenience.

Choose from Fluorescent to Pearlescent, metallic and gloss finishes for your project and give a new lease of life to old storage boxes, plant pots or add that personal touch to something new.

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